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Desert Rose by ShidatheUmbreon

I absolutely love the atmosphere in this. it has such an incredible mood to it, it almost brings a tear to your eye. First of all, the ...

Your Dangerous.... by ShidatheUmbreon

Okay first of all the pose is what draws this picture out in a screaming shower of blood-soaked passion. it really portrays the artist'...

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First of all, this picture really attracts the eye because of the overall smoothness to it. The concept in the image is what really gra...



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Happy Valentines Day 2011 by shadowtheumbreon ILU XAI XAI!
From Shida~ :iconshadowtheumbreon:


Journal History

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: ;&I feat. Chichi - Into the Green
  • Watching: MLP: FiM
  • Playing: MLP mobile game
  • Drinking: Oversugared tea
Back from holiday now~ Okay so, it was a pretty damm exhausting holiday and i'm not sure what I think about it.

First off, the atmosphere in spain wasn't as bad as i thought it'd be. 
The first thing that happened when we arrived at the hotel is the guy trips the alarms when entering the room cus he didn't realise you had to type a 1 after the code to turn it off or 2 to turn it on.
So that woke everyone up since it was the middle of the night. after we had a sleep, first day of the resort?
Well, for the first half of the day my sister and I went around getting lost. quite an adventure~
And then?


I kid you not. the fuckign resort caught fire. it was a bush fire and took them ages to put out. the helicopters dumping water were cool lol
then we had a couple of days of our parents dragging us around. Firstly we spent some time around the resort but then we went walking for ages down to a restaurant. the next day we went out shopping and couldn't find any shops anywhere, and then we went to a zoo and we had to get up at 8 in the frigging morning -_-
But it was really fun. I got lots of photos and stuff on my 3ds and my camera. Oh and do you know what's annoying? The place where we caught the bus to go to the zoo was a frigging huge shopping center with everythign we wanted! waste of a previous day xD
Then the day after that we went to a marine park thing and then up a mountain via cable car to see birds. The day was the most stressful and longest day i've had in a long time. The marine park was fun at first, kinda, but then i fucking lost my 3DS and phone which were both in one carry case. I was being really careful but one single lapse in attentiveness and it was gone. I don't even know how or when or where it happened. So that's a huge bummer. I lost all the photos i'd taken of it of animals at the zoo and the marina. and annoyingly I mostly bought it for the second part of the day -_-
i felt like i was going to keel over walking around after that to go to police stations and stuff. riddled with fatigue and depression and sweating buckets I honestly thought I was gonna faint. once we had it moderately sorted out and had a spontaneous burger king meal (Yummy!) we went to the other thing. the cable car was super fun, both ways my sisters and I were in one and parents in another. unfortunately the birds couldn't fly due to a lack of wind,  but it was kinda interesting still. and the horse show after was kinda cool~ We had the same expensive as hell yet sub-par food we had at the zoo though >.<
The cable car on the way back was even more fun, with Sae being her usual ridiculous self. My parents got there first and were waiting for us and then we emerged out of the car DOING A CONGA DANCE XD
It was so funny, the look on their faces was priceless.
We walked through a funfair on the way back to the station and found a bunch of stray kittens who were soooo cute.
I dropped my pizza box and spilled some left a donation of pizza crusts for them.
we collapsed after that and the next day thankfully we got to just kick back.

But the tragedies weren't over. on the friggin way home, while waiting for mum to finish in reception, my suitcase fell over and against all odds caught the ear bud of y super expensive headphnes that were hooked around my bag and snapped the headpiece :/
My sis said that's why she doesn't bring her good, overhead oneson holiday but plug ones instead, but I honestly didn't even think of that XD
They're covered under warranty though so I have to sort that out.
Just got my new phone copy and mum has just gotten money to replace my DS stuff which has just been ordered.

So yeah, completely exhausting holiday where each day I felt closer and closer to passing out. The heat was okay most of the time cus it was really windy, but when it wasn't I struggled to breathe. I feel like I lost more than I gained overall. but it was still fun.
one thing that is really depressing me too, besides having to restart on animal crossing new leaf (CRYYYYYYYY!!!!) is that I lost a bunch of good footage I took with my phone during the fire for my sister's vlog. cus she's a numpty and didn't take it everywhere XD (oh and some writing, but it needed redoing anyway XD)
She vlogged the entire holiday apart from that AWESOME FOOTAGE OF THE FIRE THAT CAN NEVER BE REPLACED T^T, so check that out once it's done and I update with a link here XD

We arrived back in england late at night and got home at 4 in the morning and I hugged my pony plushies so hard I think i strangled them a little. then I died with sleep.
I'm just trying to settle back in, just installed a new desk, have a lot of tidying and organising to do, just got my new phoen that needs setting up, still trying to replace things, and  GOD DAMM IT'S FAR TOO SOON TO BE GOING ON ANOTHER HOLIDAY WITH MY GF THIS FRIDAY T^T</h1>


xaiGatomon's Profile Picture
Xai Temaki
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm an otaku who loves watching anime and playing games, oh and most of all roleplayng anime.
I own a roleplay site

I draw anime featuring my own set of characters and likewise for a sonic style drawing derived from :iconlululunabuna:

my goal in life is to become a successful manga author. my reason? so I can make people happy. and have satisfaction with myself
In recent years, that dream may have dwindled, but is still a passionate desire of mine, but is now more of a hobby than an ideal profession. my aim is to move through web design and graphic design and to eventually become a freelance illustrator.

stat file!</u>

real life name: Ben Worsdale. bleh

alias: Xai Temaki

Age: 22

gender: male, heterosexual

Relationship?: yes

cosmic stuff

star sign: cancer

Animal: raccoon

Aura colour: Blue

Strongest Chakra: Heart

Element: Air

Religion: Taoism


base character traits: kind, a little timid sometmes, gentle, kinda smart, very imaginative, creative, resourceful, and passionate about art. very friendly, good sense of humour and very lively.
also very accepting and affectionate.

fav foods: chocolate, ice cream, cheesecake, peanut butter

fav animal: snakes, raccoons

likes: PONIES! art, friendliness, sunny weather, nice smells, having fun with my friends, games, manga + anime, Japan, bright personalities in others, people complimenting my artwork, clouds, yuri, when a drawing comes out well, being called cute or fluffy

dislikes: forums, depressing people, annoying people, arrogant people, condescending people, trolls, cloudy weather, computers lagging (but only when I'm in a hurry) anime haters, brony haters, memes, and art thieves. oh and CHAVS lols

fav music: Indie, Electronic (incl. Trance, Dubstep, Ambient etc.) Jpop, rock, and Brony music

talents: Drawing, learning new skills quickly, digital colouring, vector,

weakness: boring stuff, anything too formal, bad smells and dirty things. i also read very slowly.

Romantic preferences: Generally younger people, I'm very understanding and care about personality a lot, also likes cute girls, not ‘sexy’.

Interests: Poooooooniiieeees i cannot sress this enough, anime, games, Yuri (love between girls in anime), hentai (only mild-ish stuff), vore, hypnosis, snakes, clop.
I also have a love obsession for creatures like centaurs, mermaids nagas/lamia, and so on.

unimportant stuff:
fav smell: Spring air. or maybe trading cards.
fav food: chicken ceasar wraps. or cheesecake.
most watched thing: Kaa's first encounter from the jungle book - must have seen that clip over a thousand times literally.
number of characters: O.O... ummm... 13 naku chars and 24 anime chars (at the moment)
Roleplay characters? i'm not even going to count.

Who is best pony?
dashie so cool
but I luff pinkie so much *hugs*




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Gallery folders


I love :iconshadowtheumbreon: So much! i love her to bits and i always will~ >w<
She's the best thing that ever happened to me ♥♥♥♥♥♥


If you would like a commission and see your own idea in my gallery, PM me. (note me)

Prices: (5 equals about $8)

Anime: Humans generally.
-Flat picture (colour, no shading) - 4
-Fully coloured and shaded picture - 5

-For each extra character - 2
-Background - 1 - 3 (depending on how hard it is)

Furry: Anything animal or anthropomorphic. pokemon and digimon too
-Flat picture (colour, no shading) - 3
-Fully coloured and shaded picture - 4

-For each extra character - 1
-Background - 1 - 3 (depending on how hard it is)

-Snakes do not count as extra characters

short kaafan story -4
(about the length of my other ones, it differs with each one.)
you can tell me the kind of style you want it in (like for example the roleplay style i sometimes use, or just plain narrative)

I will do:
-mild blood and violence
-Nudity (tasteful)
-MILD Sexual content (female only)

I won’t do:
-Strong sexual content
-Nudity (strong, mature)
-Stupid things like fat furs or pregnancy

I accept paypal only.
you email me and describe the image you want in full, i'll draw a base composition sketch (unless you provided one) and show you, if you like it i'll draw it and colour it and show you again. if your happy with it, send me the payment and then i'll email you the full sized image and upload a smaller one to deviantart.

If you were regularly paying me to make art, what would you MOST like to see more of? 

41 deviants said snake stff/hypnosis/vore
9 deviants said fantasy creatures (nagas, mermaids, centaurs ect.)
6 deviants said pony art
4 deviants said adult art (NSFW)
2 deviants said furry art
1 deviant said anime art
No deviants said photography


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Sasuke smirk stamp by xaiGatomonSasuke stamp:: Sharingan by tailartzMisao stamp by xaiGatomon
YuriXFlynn stamp by xaiGatomonXai stamp by xaiGatomonRepede stamp by xaiGatomon
Xai stamp 2 by xaiGatomonglowy things stamp by xaiGatomonXai's sharingan stamp by xaiGatomon
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Corinne stamp by xaiGatomonSrubs Stamp by artFETISHScrubs Stamp by zacthetoad
yinyang stamp by xaiGatomon
:iconshadowtheumbreon: WAS HERE! 8D Love you Xai kins~


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