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Desert Rose by ShidatheUmbreon

I absolutely love the atmosphere in this. it has such an incredible mood to it, it almost brings a tear to your eye. First of all, the ...

Your Dangerous.... by ShidatheUmbreon

Okay first of all the pose is what draws this picture out in a screaming shower of blood-soaked passion. it really portrays the artist'...

I Don't Want To Say Goodbye... by ShidatheUmbreon

First of all, this picture really attracts the eye because of the overall smoothness to it. The concept in the image is what really gra...



#square {
width: 140px;
height: 140px;
background: blue;



Happy Valentines Day 2011 by ShidatheUmbreon ILU XAI XAI!
From Shida~ :iconshidatheumbreon:



Tene by xaiGatomon

and here we have Tene. I felt like drawing her cus she’s a cutie.

One of my main Fursonas too. 
She’s really friendly and silly, good sense of humour and always tries to keep those around her smiling.

version with colour ref Tene-ref

P.S. Not sure if it's worth restricting the original file for this since it's just a character design pinup thing. don't think people would be too interested.
I've been giving away a lot of freebees lately XD

Bonfire Night by xaiGatomon
Bonfire Night
Happy Bonfire Night! (A.K.A Fireworks night, Guy Fawkes night)
Felt like doing a little something for it.
Please excuse my OC shipping but they are SUCH CUTE COUPLES omg
and the rushed highlights >~<

also DAMM those Pegasi were hard to do for the back. not Lexis though you were a good boy. And flutters. but Those draped wings were so hard. and Damn Dashie your hair is a bitch from the back lol. until you get reference anyway.

Cast a spell on you by xaiGatomon
Cast a spell on you
Happy nightmare night!
Letting this one be a freebie, cus ughhh I love people getting my full size artwork XD I really hate restricting it.
But! patrons got this one early!

So this was just an idea that popped into my head and damm it's too cute not to draw.
I maaay do a follow-up sometime XD and I should probably make it a routine to draw Flutterbat for nightmare night XD

So it's Halloween time again and it appears poor Fluttershy once again falls victim to that vamp Batpony blood in her. it's always this time of year she just can't quite seem to resist it. That and applebuck season.
But this time she's gotten especially out of control. It seems she has some devious and playful plans for Twilight. let's hope she can hold her own against the clearly... affectionate Batpony.
I'll leave a lot of the story up to you guys XD but the basic implication is she's trying to turn twilight into a Batpony too. and to perhaps start an outbreak of Batpony genetics spreading across Ponyville.
just HOW she intends to turn twilight, I'll leave to your imagination. Could be a juicy bite like that apple there, or perhaps something more... snuggly. Either way twilight seems to be in for a bit of a fun time if she can't get herself to look away from those enticing eyes before hypnosis takes hold.

Oh, and please excuse the moon going against the light source XD It looked so good there and crap anywhere else so I added a lantern to hopefully make that the source? but Im not sure it worked XD oh well sometimes you gotta make exceptions to logic for stuff to look great
*shouldda done the shading after SHOULDDA DONE THE SHADING AFTER*

Oh, and yes, I listened to BATS like crazy while drawing this XD
Happy Halloween!

Version without the speech bubble
 Cast a spell on you (blank) by xaiGatomon 

took out the tiny little NSFW part. i initially uploaded this clean in case it got picked for EQD but when it looked like it wasn't going to I changed it back to my original file that contained a tiny part that was nsfw. because I wanted to see how much detail people paid attention to in my pics :/
But annoyingly THEN it got used on EQD Twice apparently but now has been removed from both instances cus of that.
yaaay, to my knowledge, only one more commission to go~
Oh wait, two XD
but i'm getting things DONE! lol
after that I will take on a commission or two. but i'll be doing it one at a time for now
  • Mood: Tired
Hypnotic Huggles by xaiGatomon
Hypnotic Huggles
Brainstormed for ages on a title with the commissioner and this was the best oen we could come up with XD

This was a commission for HealerCharm of a marshtomp being hypnotized by an arbok. pretty self explanitory.
no context or story or anything. you can make that up yourself.


Journal History

yaaay, to my knowledge, only one more commission to go~
Oh wait, two XD
but i'm getting things DONE! lol
after that I will take on a commission or two. but i'll be doing it one at a time for now
  • Mood: Tired


xaiGatomon's Profile Picture
Xai Temaki
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom

I'm an otaku and brony. pretty much that.

I love drawing anime and MLP art, and I also participate in live radio shows on

I don't really have a goal in life as such, I just want to make art and keep doing that for my whole life. Whatever I can do to make myself comfortable along the way, then great.

stat file!</u>

real life name: Ben Worsdale. bleh

alias: Xai Temaki

Age: 23

gender: male, heterosexual

Relationship?: no ;n;

cosmic stuff

star sign: cancer

Animal: raccoon

Element: Air

Religion: Taoism


base character traits: kind, patient, a little timid sometimes, gentle, smart, very imaginative, creative, resourceful, and passionate about art. very friendly, good sense of humour and very lively.
also very accepting and affectionate.

fav foods: chocolate, ice cream, cheesecake, peanut butter

fav animal: snakes, raccoons

likes: PONIES! art, friendliness, sunny weather, nice smells, a gentle breeze on my face, having fun with my friends, games, manga & anime, Japan, people complimenting my artwork, clouds, yuri, when a drawing comes out well, being called cute or fluffy.

dislikes: responsabilities, forums, arrogant annoying obnoxious condescending closed-minded or unnecessarily depressing people, trolls, cloudy weather, computers lagging, people hating anime for no reason at all, the word "weaboo", brony haters, stupid memes, art thieves, and chavs.

fav music: Indie, Electronic (incl. Trance, Dubstep, House etc.) Jpop, rock, and Brony music

talents: Drawing, learning new skills quickly, digital colouring, vector,

weakness: boring stuff, Taking in lots of information at a time, anything too formal, bad smells and dirty things. i also read very slowly. oh and terrible typing.

Romantic preferences: Generally younger people, I'm very understanding and care about personality a lot. very affectionate and caring but not particularly fussed with sex.

Interests: Poooooooniiieeees i cannot sress this enough, anime, games, Yuri (love between girls in anime), hentai (only mild-ish stuff), vore, hypnosis, snakes, clop.
I also have a love obsession for creatures like centaurs, mermaids nagas/lamia, and so on.

unimportant stuff:
fav smell: Spring air. or maybe trading cards.
fav food: chicken caesar wraps. or cheesecake.
most watched thing: Kaa's first encounter from the jungle book - must have seen that clip over a thousand times literally.

Who is best pony?
dashie so cool
but I luff pinkie so much *hugs*



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Y'all enjoying season 5 so far? 

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15 deviants said PONIES!
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5 deviants said WTF Xai
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3 deviants said Xai this poll makes no sense


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:iconshidatheumbreon: WAS HERE! 8D Love you Xai kins~


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