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Desert Rose by ShidatheUmbreon

I absolutely love the atmosphere in this. it has such an incredible mood to it, it almost brings a tear to your eye. First of all, the ...

Your Dangerous.... by ShidatheUmbreon

Okay first of all the pose is what draws this picture out in a screaming shower of blood-soaked passion. it really portrays the artist'...

I Don't Want To Say Goodbye... by ShidatheUmbreon

First of all, this picture really attracts the eye because of the overall smoothness to it. The concept in the image is what really gra...



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background: blue;



Happy Valentines Day 2011 by ShidatheUmbreon ILU XAI XAI!
From Shida~ :iconshidatheumbreon:



A Dangerous Exploration (VORE) by xaiGatomon
A Dangerous Exploration (VORE)
106 layers and six and a half hours of live streaming later...

So I literally woke up yesterday with this idea, started drawing it as soon as I got up, and spent all day doing it.
It was going pretty quickly and smoothly but then I ended up going way overboard with all the shading, lighting and stuff.
I'm kinda glad I did though cus I'm really happy with how it all turned out.
Too bad it's only going to appeal to a certain audience XD

So you're all probably wandering... "Who is this pony? She's quite clearly an alicorn! I haven't seen her before. is she an OC?"
Well, I don't really want to call her an OC of mine because I'm afraid people will hate me for it XD I know how much people look down on Alicorn OCs. but basically she is my character from Starbound with pony mods. and it is so wonderful to play XD
Especially since all the other races are still in the game and make hilarious passing comments about you being a pony. "Is friendship really magic?" "You probably shouldn't go to our stables..."

Oh, you are all most definitely wandering "Um... what the f***k is that that's eating her?"
Well, my lovely watchers. I'm not sure how many of you know I have a fantasy world that I'm kinda lazily working on called Kyrinos. but one time I was imagining it from more of a sci-fi standpoint and I ended up making other planets in its solar system. one such planet... or maybe a moon, hm... was called Cartus and everything on the planet wants to EAT YOU. the creatures, the plants, even the ground itself! and that's where this thing comes in.
In this vore planet of everything trying to swallow you whole, plants either fluctuating leaves of mesmerizing colours or releasing mind-numbing pollen or creatures lapping you up with a giant tongue... one such more subtle creature is this.
I don't have a name for it yet so I'm just going to nickname it the "Sinkhole". it's basically an organism that grows under ground with a bulbous mouth up on the surface, usually hidden just under soft soil. When an unsuspecting creature steps on it, it latches up around their leg and starts to suck them in with powerful muscles. it takes them a few meters under the surface where its main stomach is, using the density of the ground to help imprison its prey.
Oh and it usually grows in clusters, so if you almost step on one, look around and you might find you've accidentally gotten yourself trapped in a sort of minefield. a vore minefield XD

So yeah here we have my Starbound character Starlight Flare exploring on a particularly inhospitable planet.
Lightyears away from Equestria and unable to beam up to her ship in orbit, she's a little trapped. But don't worry! I'm sure she'll find a way out! Ponies are very resourceful after all.

Somehow I felt more happy with the second panel before I added all the shading. even though I also really really loved how the shading came out on that panel and really enjoyed it? X3 i think the last one takes the cake though. I haven't used textures like that in a long time. I really need to practice with it more because I think it turned out very nicely.
Speaking of taking the cake... on to my next picture.

Can't stay awake by xaiGatomon
Can't stay awake
why is it so imposible to think of a title for this XD
not in the "There's absolutely nothing that could be relevant" way but in the way that there are tons of below-adequate things I could think of but don't really like or know which one to pick XD if any of you have a better suggestion I'll take it.

So this was jsut a quick little doodle of a silly idea. I just like drawing twilight in these situations X3
I kinda came up with the idea after seeing this pic: Sleepy Twilight

Well not much of an "idea" really, I just wanted to draw Twily coiled up XD
How the hell so I end up drawing her head so tall? Like I really wanna know, i've noticed this. her head looks really tall when I draw her XD like she has a huge forehead or something. I gotta work on that

Anyway, this pic was gonna have text but I left it off. partly cus there were so many variations I had. I'll include a version with the text on the Tumblr upload though.
But also cus I wanted to leave things up to your imagination X3 If you wanna imagine she's in a jungle in peril, up to you. if you wanna imagine she's just reluctantly playing a game with a cheeky snake that snuck into her castle, go ahead.

For me, i think the initial idea was she was- actually this is too hard to explain I'll just write a little story to go with it XD
in the meantime, enjoy.

Live streaming
OBS had an update so I'm going to see if it works better now but no promises.
WARNING it will contain mild vore
Spirit Headshot by xaiGatomon
Spirit Headshot

Drew a practice sketch of my OC. this is the style I used around 2014 to early 2015.

hmm I made his right ear (the flopped one) too long. It’s actually really hard to draw his ears in conjunction to his hair when his head is 3rd quarter. I may need to change his deign just slightly.

Added clothing as an afterthought but if anything it made his chest look even MORE fluffy XD

oh the eye style though that’s my new one. people seemed to really like it on that Rarity one I drew a while back, got a handful of comments saying they loved her eyes.

Sooooocks by xaiGatomon
eh decided to just upload this as a new file. i'm always reluctant to post multiple versions of the same pic on DA for some reason lol. which is why I like Inkbunny's feature of posting multiple pictures as part of one upload so you can have like backgroundless version or whatever on the same submission.
Anywho decided to polish up the colours and add shading and highlights so I guess that counts this oldie as having finally been finished then.

I moved away from that stubby snout style bit I dunno looking back at this one I've, actually impressed. I love how I drew the cheeks, the eyes, the snout and mouth and chin, and the ear. I feel like I've been struggling a lot maybe and perhaps the style I've been trying to use encourages me to rush a bit more and not take my time to make something with a nicer shape.
So I might try once again to refine the nose style. or maybe I should stop caring so much about the opinion of the one person who didn't like it lol.
Oldie: Sooooocks! by xaiGatomonSea Breeze Ref by xaiGatomon

Journal History

So even though usually when I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep I start feeling pessimistic and do all I can not to let myself think about my life, but last night I actually started feeling really optimistic instead.
Right now, I am feeling really pumped up towards art. I wanna get off my butt and hit it hard. I have been so lazy and complacent lately. trying to force myself to continue with commissions, forgetting to enjoy and love those pieces too.
I have been delaying too long the things I want to set up and do and so I think soon I am going to put those wheels in motion. Going to have to start scouting other artists too.
You'll all know what i'm rambling about when the time comes.

anywho, I'm in a really enthusiastic mood right now. why is it lately I've been feeling so terrible about my art? why haven't I been enjoying it?
I've felt like my art has slowed down. like people don't care about it so much. the truth is my art is good. I don't hate it, I'm not unhappy wit hit, I DO enjoy making it and I love the pictures I create but I have just not been showing them that love. I have been treating it like work and that's not right. when my popularity started spiking, when I was at my best, when I was at my happiest, those were at the time when I was drawing a lot and giving it 100% of my effort and love. so that's what I'm going to do again.

I think winter and the lack of sunlight and general moving around have got me feeling lethargic and weak which is partly responsible for not wanting to draw but I won't take that as an excuse. I'm gonna draw anyway X3

So here's what I'm actually going to be doing:
I'll keep experimenting with my style, with my lining and with my colouring. I'll keep taking artists I like and learning from their styles like I was before and continue developing my own style from them. 
I also want to go back to using vector too. not completely, I'm not going to abandon my current style. but I just miss making vector pieces so I'm going to try making a few pics with that and see how people like it.
as far as I have seen there aren't all that many vector artists in the community :3

Furthermore, I have something much larger planned but I still want to try and finish my commissions and patreon raffle pics first.

Stay tuned!
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xaiGatomon's Profile Picture
Xai Temaki
Artist | Digital Art
United Kingdom

I'm an otaku and brony. pretty much that.

I love drawing anime and MLP art, and I also participate in live radio shows on

I don't really have a goal in life as such, I just want to make art and keep doing that for my whole life. Whatever I can do to make myself comfortable along the way, then great.

stat file!</u>

real life name: Ben Worsdale. bleh

alias: Xai Temaki

Age: 23

gender: male, heterosexual

Relationship?: no ;n;

cosmic stuff

star sign: cancer

Animal: raccoon

Element: Air

Religion: Taoism


base character traits: kind, patient, a little timid sometimes, gentle, smart, very imaginative, creative, resourceful, and passionate about art. very friendly, good sense of humour and very lively.
also very accepting and affectionate.

fav foods: chocolate, ice cream, cheesecake, peanut butter

fav animal: snakes, raccoons

likes: PONIES! art, friendliness, sunny weather, nice smells, a gentle breeze on my face, having fun with my friends, games, manga & anime, Japan, people complimenting my artwork, clouds, yuri, when a drawing comes out well, being called cute or fluffy.

dislikes: responsabilities, forums, arrogant annoying obnoxious condescending closed-minded or unnecessarily depressing people, trolls, cloudy weather, computers lagging, people hating anime for no reason at all, the word "weaboo", brony haters, stupid memes, art thieves, and chavs.

fav music: Indie, Electronic (incl. Trance, Dubstep, House etc.) Jpop, rock, and Brony music

talents: Drawing, learning new skills quickly, digital colouring, vector,

weakness: boring stuff, Taking in lots of information at a time, anything too formal, bad smells and dirty things. i also read very slowly. oh and terrible typing.

Romantic preferences: Generally younger people, I'm very understanding and care about personality a lot. very affectionate and caring but not particularly fussed with sex.

Interests: Poooooooniiieeees i cannot sress this enough, anime, games, Yuri (love between girls in anime), hentai (only mild-ish stuff), vore, hypnosis, snakes, clop.
I also have a love obsession for creatures like centaurs, mermaids nagas/lamia, and so on.

unimportant stuff:
fav smell: Spring air. or maybe trading cards.
fav food: chicken caesar wraps. or cheesecake.
most watched thing: Kaa's first encounter from the jungle book - must have seen that clip over a thousand times literally.

Who is best pony?
dashie so cool
but I luff pinkie so much *hugs*



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:iconshidatheumbreon: WAS HERE! 8D Love you Xai kins~


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SilverCrystal-Night Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had the most random of thoughts.

what you're oc would look like as a alicorn.
when it hits past 2am here random thoughts can happen.
Robotic-Retard Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
You do great art!
xaiGatomon Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Digital Artist
aww thank you very much
Rotorix Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016
You have some nice art! :)
xaiGatomon Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016   Digital Artist
aww thank you! :D
Creepto Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
//talks fluffy to you, casually goes to lean on a wall with one hand. Missing she falls over and swears.

I meant to do that. Totally. HAHAHAHA...ha..ah...
xaiGatomon Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016   Digital Artist
hehehe X3
how funny
SilverCrystal-Night Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure if you have been in forbidden planet in a while.
saw them selling either wave 2 or 3 of the mystery boxes .

The horn on nightmare moon was  a bit wonky .
xaiGatomon Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016   Digital Artist
not too much of a fan of those but I should get some more. I like the little bag things and I like buying comics and funko pop figures X3
SilverCrystal-Night Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have way to many blind bags on my end , when i was into pony a bit more i felt a bit sad that the stores lacked in pony as i was not a massive person when it came to their brushable's.

I did look around to see if they had brought in the luna figure and even sun butt.
but they only had the boxes in and the comics.

It might be like this for a while or even forever.
but i could be wrong.
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